Box Delivery Helps You Make the Most of Your Movers

One of the first steps to moving, second only to reserving your move date with a responsible moving company, is procuring packing boxes and supplies. Many moving companies provide packing supplies, but what you may not be aware of is that they can often provide a greater level of service that can really make your moving project – and maybe even your life at the time – much easier.

Did you know you can have your moving boxes delivered to you?

At You Move Me, we deliver boxes for free to wherever you need them, whether it’s the home or office.

Find a full inventory of our boxes.

There is also a handy calculator to help you decide how many boxes you will need based upon the size of your home.

You will also find tips and suggestions for how to use boxes to pack up your home. This will ease the stress on you and your family prior to moving day. With a selection of high quality boxes that run from dish packs to wardrobe boxes, there are many box options to choose from, and an expert move specialist can suggest diverse uses for all.

Learn how to pack, or hire the movers to pack for you

Most moving companies can provide you with some guidance on how to best pack the items. Packing services are also a common option if you’d like to go the route of “less is more” – or – “less packing by me is much, much more rewarding!”

A You Move Me moving specialist can also offer you a walk-through at your home to provide tips on how to make the most of packing in a safe and efficient manner so the move will go smoothly on the big day, saving you time and money.

Ask whether or not you can return unused packing supplies

And, speaking of saving pennies, ask your moving company about their policy with respect to returning unused packing supplies. It is important to be able to order what you think you’ll need, and be comfortable returning what you don’t, at no cost to you! Of course, at You Move Me, you can return unused supplies so that you only spend money on what you need.

Movers can hook you up with other services you need

Our final tip for how you can make the most of your moving company is, of course, to make use of their network of professional services. Other support and referrals professional movers can make include:

  • 3rd party insurance for valuable items and heirlooms
  • Piano movers
  • Long distance movers
  • Community services, including cleaning, junk removal, renovation companies

Happy Moving – and Packing!

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