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You Move Me Vancouver Island is proud to have supported the second ever Beard On/Beard Off organized by local philanthropist and (ex) beard owner Brian Bates!

Throughout December and the beginning of January, Brian and his team of bearded do-gooders raised donations for the Cool Aid Society by asking the people of Victoria, and beyond, to decide whether or not these brave men would continue to don their luscious face scarves, or come out baby-faced.

The event came to a close last night at St. Franks bar on Broad street, which houses a mini Victory Barber Shop in the back. As the night was well underway, even the delicious beer, (provided by Driftwood Brewery), wasn’t enough to calm the nerves of the soon to be beardless bros.

After the count came in, Brian and his team raised over $6000 to help support the important work the Cool Aid Society does for our homeless community in Victoria. The donations (which came out very in favour of Beard Off), will go towards the REES program for resources, education, employment and support which uses a co-operative, recovery-based approach to help reduce the isolation from community, friends and family that is often a result of mental illness and addictions.

You Move Me Vancouver Island was more than happy to lend our support and donate to this amazing, and extremely entertaining event and we look forward to participating again! If you would like to learn more about the Cool Aid Society, and the ways in which you can support their programs please visit their site. Oh, and if you see Brian around town be sure to congratulate him on his newly rediscovered facial features.

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