Best Outdoor Activities to Do In Tulsa

What’s happening in Tulsa? All good things, and all things you’ll want to check out. Tulsa is known for being a haven for arts in the midwest; it’s also quickly gaining a name for its easily accessible, excellently explorable outdoor spaces.

Whether you want to hike at the Oxley Nature Center or whether shopping is the outdoor activity that really gets you fired up and ready to go, you’ll want to get to know some of the many outdoor spaces available to explore around Tulsa. We’ve highlighted a few favorites here:

Explore the Outdoors at the Gilcrease Gardens

The Thomas Gilcrease Institute of American History and Art, known as the Gilcrease Museum, focuses on the art, culture and history of indigenous North American tribes.

While the Gilcrease Museum requires several visits to fully explore and appreciate its features, the gardens alone are worth your time. Occupying 23 acres of the museum complex, the space reflects the culture and gardening techniques of the American West.

Enjoy a visit on your own to walk different areas of the garden, or to enjoy the beauty of the reflecting pond. Visit with children or family members and complete a scavenger hunt challenge.

And, if you’re interested in engaging activities while exploring the gardens, they’re also host to events that range from cello concerts to watercolor classes to yoga instruction.

Revel in Your Outdoor Options at The Gathering Place

The Gathering Place is a world-class riverfront park in Tulsa.

We’re not using the term “world-class” lightly, either. In 2019, The Gathering Place was named the #1 New Attraction in the US by USA Today. This park was envisioned as a community space where people could come together, connect, play, engage and learn.

Whatever you enjoy doing in the great outdoors, you can probably find a space dedicated to it at The Gathering Place. From sports courts to scavenger hunts to public art to bird watching, there’s something new to see and do every time you visit The Gathering Place.

You can climb to the park’s apex and view downtown from Swing Hill. You can dine outdoors and enjoy the scenery from The Patio. You can set your kids free to explore and enjoy the Chapman Adventure Playground.

Most of all, you can connect with the pulse of the city, and maybe even get to know your neighbors and fellow Tulsans a little better as part of this blooming community space.

Learn and Grow at the Tulsa Botanic Gardens

The Tulsa Botanic Garden has a mission to “promote the beauty and importance of plants and nature to create a more sustainable and harmonious world.” We think they’re accomplishing that goal each day, as they bring Tulsans and visitors together to explore the beauty of the gardens.

While the Gardens set up seasonal displays and are a favorite of professional and amateur photographers alike, our favorite thing about visiting the gardens is bringing a furry friend or two along with us. The Gardens frequently host Dog Days, where pets can join their owners for a little exploration and outdoor fun.

Enjoy an Afternoon in The Boxyard

Does shopping count as an outdoor activity? It does when you can stroll from store to store and get your heart pumping over as many exciting options as there are in The Boxyard.

Assembled from shipping containers that traveled the world for years, The Boxyard creates a regenerative space for exploring, dining and connecting.

Whether you’re looking for clothing, grooming products or just a scoop of ice cream, The Boxyard offers it all in a micro-shopping setting. It’s worth checking it out and whiling away an afternoon in the sun.

Tulsa has a lot to offer, and it’s a city on the rise, continuing to grow, evolve and change to meet the needs of its residents. If you’re new to the Tulsa community, welcome and enjoy getting to know the area.

If you’re considering Tulsa as a place where you might want to settle in and grow, let us help you get started comfortably. We’re ready to get you moved in and to give you a helping hand as you fall in love with the Tulsa area.

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