Beaverton Piano Movers

At You Move Me, we know firsthand that certain things are challenging to move. For example: pianos! Did you know that we are knowledgeable and experienced piano movers in Beaverton?

Our Senior Move Coordinator’s family owns a music store, and we’ve trained all of our team members to move pianos using the beautiful instruments in their store. We made sure we’re 100% practiced and prepared before ever having to move a client’s piano.

If you have a piano, it is most likely one of your most treasured pieces of furniture. Whether it’s a family heirloom or you are a passionate pianist, know that our team will not move your piano unless we are sure we can do so safely.

We are equipped with all of the necessary tools to move a piano, and the You Move Me team will bring skids, dollies, extra blankets, and all the other tools of the trade needed for moving a piano the correct way.

Safety comes first when we move pianos in Beaverton

There are occasions where you may want to hire a specialized piano mover. In these cases we will recommend a local specialist.

Grand and baby grand pianos can cost up to half a million dollars. They can weigh between 650 to 1,300 pounds. They are incredibly impressive in size, and moving them normally can result in damages to the interior working of the piano. This is where we’d recommend a professional piano mover.

Upright pianos present less of a challenge, but professional movers are still recommended when moving them.

How to safely move a piano

Here’s how You Move Me prepares your piano to make the move – safely!

  1. We start by measuring your piano so that we can create a plan that includes a safe route to move it out of your home and into your new home. We’ll measure doorways and stairwells at the old home; you can help us by measuring these at the new one!
  2. We ensure that we have the right tools on hand to safely and securely move your piano. You Move Me uses piano dollies, protective cloths and furniture pads, among other supplies.

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