You Move Me Toronto helps raise $67,000 for families in need

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A big part of the You Move Me mission is to move people, (and we don’t mean just their boxes). 
As a part of our commitment to always do good in our community, we are pleased to announce our role in 2015’s Chair Affair fundraiser. This year, we were the presenting sponsor of the event that helped raise $67,000 – enough money to furnish 268 homes for families in need in order to help both local residents and Syrian refugees create warm, welcoming places to live as winter sets in.

As a moving company, getting families into comfortable homes is a big deal, which is why our involvement as a sponsor of the event means so much to us. Chair Affair is an annual event hosted by Furniture Bank, a charity dedicated to providing gently used furniture and home furnishings to those in need at little to no cost.

This year’s event improved upon 2014’s impressive statistics, boasting furniture up for auction from 40 of Canada’s most prominent designers, 17 sponsors, 45 volunteers, 514 guests, and numerous celebrity auctioneers, including Olivia Chow, Graham Chittenden, and Carson Arthur. With the generosity of our community’s philanthropists, Chair Affair raised nearly double the 2014 amount, providing hundreds of opportunities for families who need help furnishing their homes.

You Move Me is committed to being a different kind of moving company, helping area residents in need make houses feel like homes. Through our participation in Chair Affair, we are able to give back to our friends and neighbors, brightening the lives of those around us, one delivery at a time.

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