Stress Free Moving Tips: 6 Packing Tricks when Moving

A new home awaits you; a moving day is inked on your calendar; the movers have been hired and now just the drudgery of packing is between you and a new chapter in your life. Packing is always such a chore. Consider packing for a weekend away or a summer trip and how even a time that should be full of joyous anticipation can be stressful. You don’t want to risk not having a particular article of clothing so you over-pack, or worse, you forget something and have to go out and purchase it anew. It’s always best to take your time and plan according to what’s on the agenda, right? Well the same goes for packing up your home. Yes, it’s a much more daunting task than packing a suitcase, but imagine applying this same logic of what stays and what goes to make your packing job easier and lighter? Turn your packing panic into packing purge and get started!

Every day we are bombarded with advertising messages to simplify our lives and slow down. What better way to achieve this than a fresh start with a new move, along with less stuff? Here, You Move Me offers these simple steps to get you started:

6 Packing Tips for Moving to Make it Stress-Free

  1. Start packing as soon as you have your moving date. Closing up just a few boxes more often will spread the work out over a long period of time. You avoid the mad rush of last minute packing, mitigating the risk of items being damaged or improperly sorted and labelled. And you reduce your stress!
  2. Be prepared with an assortment of boxes, packing supplies, and packing tools. If you are at a loss as to where to get all of these necessities, You Move Me sells a wide assortment of packing supplies.
  3. Make sure you’ve got some old boxes and bags to pack up those items you are purging, so they can be swiftly lifted out and off to the second-hand store, recycling depot, or collected by a junk disposal service.
  4. Begin with your storage areas. Anything you haven’t used for a year and cannot guarantee you will need again, and items that have no sentimental value, are the first to go. Out of sight, out of mind! Don’t bring them to clutter up your new home!
  5. Move on to the rooms you will use infrequently prior to moving day. Box up the items to be transported to your new home, all the while cultivating a spirit of less is more and setting aside those things you won’t need again.
  6. The last items you pack up prior to your move will be your everyday kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom belongings. Try to consider what may not suit your new home, or furnishings and household things you won’t have room for. These can be part of your purge.

Come moving day, if you’ve been diligent and thorough, you’ll have fewer boxes to move and unpack. You’ll feel lighter and less cluttered in your new home. And you’ll feel great about loving every single useful item in your home. Now, hasn’t the idea of packing become just a little less stressful? If packing truly is an evil concept for you, or that hectic schedule keeps you going from dawn til dusk, call up the experts at You Move Me. We pack too!

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