Packing tips on how to gift wrap properly

Featured on ABC7 San Francisco – Don’t Break Christmas!

The moving experts at You Move Me South Bay were recently featured on ABC 7. Tony Sandoval and Robert Robicheaux showed viewers their gift wrapping tips on the best way to pack holiday items so they make it to your loved ones intact! Here are several of our best tips:

How to pack fragile items

Carefully and tightly wrap the item with bubble wrap (and if it’s hollow, like a vase, be sure to fill it in with more bubble wrap or packing paper). Make sure to tape it so it stays firmly in place.

Prepare another box that’s slightly bigger than the first box, placing a layer of balled up packing paper on the bottom (it’s more environmentally friendly than Styrofoam peanuts). This will act as a cushion.

Place the smaller box in the larger one, then surround it with more balled up packing paper. You should fill the space between the boxes.

Tape up both boxes, and you’re good to go!

Packing Fragile Items

How to pack clothes

To keep moisture or dirt from getting on clothes, make sure to seal boxes properly.

Use the ‘H tape’ method on both the top and bottom of the box to ensure a complete seal.

Packing Clothes

Packaging baked goods

Make sure cookies or treats don’t get broken during shipping or driving by individually wrapping cookies in saran wrap and placing them in a container.

Put the container in a small box, and make sure there’s balled up packing paper on all sides.

Tape the box and send away!

Gift wrapping ideas summary:

Packing paper is your friend! Use lots of it to keep your items stationary while in transit. This paper is also recyclable and better for the environment than Styrofoam peanuts.

Seal those boxes! Make sure you tape off all the openings so the rain doesn’t get in.

When it comes to food, use lots of wrap and a container with a tight sealing lid so the treats stay intact when they arrive!


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