What to Know Before Moving to Tulsa, OK

When you’re moving to Tulsa, you can get ready for a city that’s full of new, welcoming neighbors. While Tulsa has always been known as an oil town, its rapidly growing aerospace and energy tech business scene is bringing all sorts of newcomers to live here, and it’s no surprise why. The cost of living is low, the downtown scene is growing in popularity, and you’ll find yourself surrounded by lakes and rivers for weekend recreation.

Weather in Tulsa 

You’ll definitely experience all four seasons in Tulsa, with warm summers that bring everyone outdoors to enjoy local recreation. Cold winters bring enough snow for kids to play in, with a vibrant spring around every corner.

Things to Do In Tulsa

Downtown Tulsa offers a contemporary vibe with plenty of entertainment options. Beautifully restored Art Deco buildings sit side by side with the Blue Dome neighborhood, packed with bars, restaurants, and nightclubs, as well as the Brady Arts District’s performing arts venues and museums. If you love historic homes and a sense of space, check out the Brookside neighborhood sitting along the Arkansas River.

During the warmer months of the year, don’t be surprised to see many of your neighbors at the Tulsa Farmers Market, which now has multiple locations all over the city, supplied by hundreds of local vendors. Locals even use this thriving market scene as a first date option.

The Brady Arts District opens its doors to welcome Tulsa residents to all sorts of art and entertainment. Visit the Woody Guthrie Center for an in-depth exploration of this area’s history as well as top-notch folk music events. The Jazz Depot spotlights blues, jazz and gospel musicians, especially those from Oklahoma, and Cain’s Ballroom and the Brady Theater are your go-to venues for all other types of music.

Check out 108 Contemporary, a contemporary arts and textiles museum that balances preservation of the state’s Native American culture with modern crafting exhibits and workshops. In and around the Brady Arts District and downtown, you’ll also find some spectacular farm-to-table restaurants that turn farm style food into high-level cuisine.

Places to Live & Getting Around

The Forest Orchard neighborhood provides a convenient home for those working at the neighboring hospitals and medical centers or in the large retail district. In the nearby suburb of Broken Arrow, residents enjoy small town charm while still maintaining easy access to downtown Tulsa just to the north.

While many in Tulsa drive to work, the public transportation system makes things easy on its users with GPS tracking that lets you know exactly where every bus is at any single moment. Pop your bike onto the provided bike racks to end your day with a refreshing ride along the Arkansas River.

Schools in Tulsa

The greater Tulsa area is home to several school districts, with suburban school districts consistently ranking more highly than those toward the center of town. If you plan to place kids in public school, check out the well-regarded Jenks, Bixby and Union Public Schools — and don’t miss the cross-town rivalry of the year when you head to the Jenks-Union football game each fall. Dozens of private schools are also available throughout Tulsa.

Moving to Tulsa

You’ll find a great deal of natural beauty in and around Tulsa, drawing you outdoors in fine weather. Check out the Woodward Park and Gardens to spend a relaxing day surrounded by beautifully maintained landscaping, with a stop to sniff the roses at the Tulsa Rose Garden. Just outside the city, the Arkansas River and myriad lakes and creeks call you to a world of fishing and boating.

If you’re moving to Tulsa from another state, you only have 30 days to register your cars in Oklahoma. If you’re bring your dog with you, he’ll be thrilled to be in Tulsa. Not only is the city filled with dog parks, you can take your canine buddy in to many restaurants and shops here.

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