What to Know Before Moving to San Jose, CA

Vibrant and interesting, San Jose sits in the Santa Clara valley near the San Francisco Bay, which lies to the north of the city. Until the 1960s, much of the area was nicknamed the “Valley of Heart’s Delight” because so many fruit trees and flowering plants grew there. In modern times, it’s a bustling hub, and businesses in San Jose are responsible for a host of ongoing technological advancements.

Great San Jose Neighborhoods

There’s no shortage of scenery in San Jose. Residents of Downtown enjoy not only the city’s pretty skyline but also its small town vibe. Micro neighborhoods sit on the very edge of Downtown and single-family residential options include appealing Victorian, Craftsman and Mission-style homes. Luxury high-rise condominiums are another option, and give residents access to a nice view.

Formerly the domain of prune and pear orchards, San Jose’s Rose Garden neighborhood is a grand place to live. At its center sits the city’s Municipal Rose Garden, which contains nearly 200 rose species for an all-season cascade of color. The Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum also sits within the neighborhood’s bounds, where it displays the largest collection of Egyptian artifacts in the country.

If you love a suburban lifestyle, check out Silver Creek, which sits just southeast of the city. Large, charming Tuscan-style homes sit like baubles on the estate, and residents enjoy picturesque views of the valley from their living rooms. Nearby Los Gatos, which nestles on the very edge of the Santa Cruz mountains, makes another good option for singles, couples and families. Cottages and well-preserved Victorian-era buildings lie within walking distance of the little town’s chic boutiques and coffee houses.

Schools in San Jose

San Jose residents are among the most well educated in the country, and San Jose schools offer real opportunity for young people in the area. Four unified districts in the area offer exceptional public primary and secondary schooling, and a host of smaller private schools provide parents with alternative options. San Jose boasts several universities and colleges, including San Jose State University, which is the oldest public institution of learning on the west coast. Students who want to create a career in information technology frequently attend the California University of Management and Technology in Sunnyvale.

Getting Around San Jose

A myriad of public transportation options in San Jose make it easy to leave your car at home. The city’s VTA light rail and bus system travels almost everywhere in the valley, while the Dash Shuttle lets you move around the Downtown area. San Jose’s innovative Pedicab service provides its residents with a zero-emissions way to get from A to B. Several taxi firms also exist. To travel a little further, hop onto Caltrain or the Ace Train.

The Weather in San Jose

San Jose has a glorious Mediterranean climate, so it’s hot in the summertime and relatively balmy in the winter. Locals enjoy a range of outdoor activities, visiting the San Francisco Bay to dip their toes in the ocean and walking the various trails which crisscross the surrounding hills.

Year-round warmth makes the city and its outlying suburbs a gardener’s paradise. The growing season in San Jose never ends, and homeowners sow and harvest various crops all year. Squash, melons, peas, potatoes, peppers, and onions thrive happily for most of the year.

San Jose Culture

Strewn with wide-open spaces and beautiful parks, San Jose plays host to an array of seasonal events, including Jazz on the Plazz in June, the San Jose July 4th Fun Festival and the Fremont Summer Concert Series. Temporary and permanent public art displays decorate the city, including an installation on the bottom of the I-87 underpass on Santa Clara Street, which illuminates as pedestrians and vehicles move through the space.

For more art, head to the San Jose Museum of Art on South Market Street, where various contemporary and modern collections sit alongside one another. Kids art camps at the museum introduce children to hands-on creativity and critical thinking, while college students attend classes at SJMA to learn new technical skills.

Dotted with excellent ethnic restaurants, San Jose is a foodie heaven, with the best eateries arguably concentrated in East San Jose, Cupertino and Campbell. San Jose Theaters remain a popular option for dazzling live performances in several locations, including the Montgomery Theater on South Market Street and the City National Civic on West San Carlos Street.

Year-round warmth and a scenic vista make San Jose an attractive option for tech-savvy couples, avid gardeners and retirees alike. Museums, educational institutions and cutting-edge businesses, bound together by a great public transport system, create one of the most livable cities in North America. All in all, San Jose presents its residents with unique opportunities for prosperity.

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