Moving to Madison, WI: Things to Know Before You Move

So you’re moving to Madison, Wisconsin. That’s awesome! At You Move Me, we want to help you with your move — Not just the actual, physical move, but all of it. To start, let’s talk about what to expect when you move to Madison.

Madison is a truly wonderful place to live. People are friendly and genuine, and you’ll find stunning architecture around every corner. The University of Wisconsin draws fascinating people to the city, and you have a good selection of restaurants, sports venues, parks and art galleries to choose from.

Places to Live in Madison

It’s easy to find the right neighborhood in Madison. If you’re going to be attending or working at the University of Wisconsin, check out downtown Madison, where you might not even need a car, since you’ll be in the heart of a community that blends business people, university students and artists seamlessly, all with the friendliness of a small town. Suburbs like Hitchburg, Hill Farms, and Sherman Terrace welcome families to a more relaxed pace, and the Marquette-Dane neighborhood or other neighborhoods on the Isthmus are the place to land if you want a home with some architectural significance.

Raising a Family in Madison

Madison was recently rated the no. 2 city in the country for raising kids, and one of the big reasons is the Madison Metropolitan School Districts, where the statistics on AP tests, college placement, and all that good stuff are more than encouraging. Since Madison is surrounded by lakes, there’s always a good reason to step away from a video game and get outdoors, with plenty of activities for kids to get involved with.

Going Green!

Madison, especially downtown, encourages bicycling with an abundance of bike lanes, bike sharing services, and even bike racks on the local buses, which also get you around town efficiently. Driving is rarely congested, and if you’re lucky, your commute will give you spectacular views of Lake Monona or Lake Mendota.

Come for the Events

Annual festivals like Rhythm and Booms at the Fourth of July and Freakfest on Halloween bring all of Madison together. In between, there are plenty of restaurants, pubs and theaters to keep you occupied, with the Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra hosting outdoor concerts each summer and Badger football games every fall.

Climate in Madison, WI

Okay, the weather. Yes, it can get cold. Really cold. But if you’re moving from further away than the Midwest, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you get used to it. You’ll be walking around in a short-sleeved shirt in 40 degrees or joining your neighbors for the wintertime outdoor movie series at Tenney Park, marveling at how warm it is before you know it. And snow is fun! Get ready for sledding, skiing and pickup games of hockey, all ending later than you’d expect.

When spring arrives, you’ll feel a sense of appreciation for it you’ve never experienced before. Get ready to spend every summertime weekend at a lake, marveling at natural beauty and having fun with your family. Sounds good, right?

Preparing to Move to Madison, WI

As you get ready to move to Madison, here are a few tips to smooth your way. Get used to driving in snow and ice; Madison doesn’t allow the use of chains. If you can, plan your move to avoid mid-August, which is when tens of thousands of students descend upon UW.

A move to Madison is good news for you and your family. Here’s more good news: When you move with us at You Move Me Madison, you can experience the simplest, calmest, smoothest moving day of your entire life. Seriously. When you move with us, it’s almost fun.

From East to Far West, from North to South Central and across the Isthmus as well, we are here in Madison to make your move the easiest you’ve ever experienced. Call us today at You Move Me Madison for your free, no-obligation quote. If you hate moving, you’ll really to love us!

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