Moving Into a Smaller Space

When it comes to homes, bigger isn’t necessarily better.

More many, moving into a smaller space offers a myriad of perks, including easy maintenance and less cleaning. A limited floor plan also makes it less tempting to accumulate possessions, and can mean a smaller decorating budget.

Smaller spaces however can make for a tight move, so it’s important to know how best to transport your furniture damage-free. We’ve put together the following tips to help you move into a small space.

Measure, measure, measure!

The first step to ensuring your furniture will fit into your new space is to find out the dimensions and size of each room and its desired furniture pieces. Make a floor plan and map out where everything will go. This will ensure everything will fit prior to transport.

First, go BIG.

Move all large furniture items first. These pieces will be the hardest to maneuver, so you will want to have as much space available as possible. This way you won’t be tripping over smaller items, and have enough energy at the end of your move to tackle lighter furniture and boxes.


Unscrew and remove the legs from furniture – especially your couch. This can save you a lot of space and make for much easier maneuvering. It will also reduce your chances of breaking your pieces or damaging your walls.

Pare down with purpose

Take the time to go through your furniture and belongings and decide what you want to keep and what you want to donate. Keep in mind that just because you are moving to a smaller space doesn’t mean you have to get rid of everything you own. Eliminate duplicates, and all items you no longer use. Think about what you really need, and whether or not it fits within the space limitations of your new home.

Get the family involved

If you are worried about giving away an item, see if a relative is interesting in a long-term hold, or even consider gifting it to a loved one. Many younger family members will jump at the chance for new furniture, while older relatives would be happy to take on heirlooms and other older momentos.

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