Moving in together

Moving in together for the first time is super stressful and the ultimate love test. There are important things to discuss, like who gets more closet space? Should you keep that neon beer light over the fireplace? Do you really need six lava lamps?

You may even need to find a new home altogether, plus have a talk about money and budgets.

The best relationship advice for anyone moving in together is that compromise will be your new favorite roommate. Here are three ways to combine your lives and stay in love.

Inventory Time

Each of you should inventory everything – separately. Then, combine your lists and get rid of the superfluous items before you combine your lives. Hint: no one really needs three toasters.

Inventory will also give you a chance to declutter in preparation for your move, or for someone to move in.

Remember to be kind. Your boyfriend may have sentimental attachment to that broken VCR, or your girlfriend may have been gifted that kitten ornament from her grandmother. Inventory doesn’t mean “insult” time!

On the other hand, admit to yourself that you haven’t used that plaid golf bag since 1962. Time to toss.

Whose Home?

Will you move into his house? Maybe she’ll come to you. Or, it could be time to find a whole new abode that says “us”.

In the end, the best relationship tip is probably to find a new space together. That way, no one feels territorial when their medicine cabinet is filled with feminine hygiene products or the Playstation is packed into a drawer.

Makeovers and Money

If you’re moving into your significant other’s home, plan to make over one room together. That way, it’ll represent you as a couple.

If you’re moving into a new home, good news – it’s your first home reno project together.

Although makeovers are fun, moving in together may be the first time you talk about finances. Money can be difficult to discuss, but transparency is key when you’re moving in with someone.

Above all, set out expectations before you move in together by creating a sensible budget and sticking to it.

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