Moving experts reveal what’s forgotten most during a move

moving experts recently published a great blog post highlighting the many things that people often forget during the moving process.

We were excited when they reached out to You Move Me and asked for our expert tips on how to best mitigate the possibility of leaving your items behind.

Joe Devost, Move Operations Field Manager, shared the following advice:

“The most common items left behind include plants, old televisions and sofas, area rugs, items that can’t be disassembled (especially those from Ikea!), outdoor furniture, cleaning supplies, medication, and even mattresses. Even worse? When rushed, people forget important planning details, such as reserving an elevator or confirming house-possession details.

There is nothing worse than rushing when moving. When you rush, you leave things behind, or just forget them entirely. The best way to avoid any of these complications is to start early. As soon as you have a move date, begin the de-cluttering, packing, and organizing process.”

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