How to Throw a Memorable House Warming Party

You finally shifted into your dream house, unpacked all the boxes, cleaned up all the clutter and mess. You are done with all the boring moving paperwork and now it’s time to show off your new home! Throw a house-warming party to show off your new and improved place to your close friends.

Plan and Send out Classy Invites

house warming invitations

Give yourself lots of time to plan your party beforehand so that you’re prepared. This means choosing whether your party is an elaborate dinner party or an evening get together. You can even go a little overboard and decide a theme for your party for example, ‘The Great Gatsby’ where people can dress up accordingly. Additionally, prepare invites according to the type of party you’re hosting and send them at least one week in advance. Another aspect is to make sure there is a ‘return by’ date on the invites so that you are aware of how many people are going to show up.

Prep the Bathrooms and Seating

Bathroom Sink

During any party, your bathroom will have more people than usual, and because of that, it’s essential to stock up on supplies such as extra towels, toilet paper and soap, etc. Make sure your home is clean and well organized, especially after an exhausting move! Moreover, you also need to make sure that there are ample seating spaces so that people don’t crowd around awkwardly. You can easily put a fancy blanket on the floor and throw some cushions to create a more comfortable seating arrangement. Chairs and benches from the dining room can also be brought to the main entrance for more places to perch.

Put Away Delicate Things

An old going says, ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry.’ You have to make sure those old antiques and other valuable possessions are kept away from the main entrance. As more people come, it gets harder to manage the crowd, and because of this, you need to ensure that all the delicate things are stored somewhere safe. Sometimes people can bump into valuables and damage them, so you want to make sure the important things are out of the way.

Strategically Place Food and Drinks

Food for house warming

You want to show off your home’s best assets, so the key is to place sips and nibbles in front of them. For example, if you have an amazing view, place the drink station right in front of it. Or if you have a beautiful antique table, set the snacks on it so that people can see it clearly. This is a great way to make people focus on the good aspects of your home.

Make the Place Smell Good and Organize a Playlist

candles for house warming

An inviting scent like vanilla or cinnamon can make your guests feel more comfortable and relaxed. You can even light scented candles according to the season, for example, pumpkin spice scent in the autumn. Moreover, music is the key to anyone’s heart so organize a killer playlist to get guests in the mood to party. Music will instantly lighten everyone’s mood!

Set Times for Group Tours

The whole point of throwing a house-warming party is to show off your house to your close friends. It’s a hassle to give every single person a tour of your house which is why you should set a specific time to take everyone around for a look. After dinner and before dessert would be a suitable time.

Document the Event

family selfie

Don’t forget to document your party! You want to hold on to these memories just like any other. You can take pictures from Polaroid cameras for instant printed pictures or simply take them from your phone to post on social media with a custom hashtag. You can even make separate albums for everyone to post their pictures from the event.


After all the hassle that you went through by paying additional costs, unpacking and organizing your house to make it look somewhat decent, you deserve to throw a party and enjoy yourself. By following these simple rules, you can make sure that you and everyone else will have a memorable day. So don’t hesitate to give yourself a break!

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