How to properly unload a moving truck

Earlier this week we shared our guide: how to load a moving truck. We would be remiss not to follow up with a guide for unpacking that truck. Yes, there is a method which should contribute to your stress-free move! Lucky for you, it’s easier to unpack than pack the truck and you’re almost done! 

The Steps for Unloading a Moving Truck:

  • Walk-through your new home, mentally planning where you will put your large items of furniture
  • Assess doorways to ensure there is enough room to move in larger pieces of furniture
  • Keeping safety top of mind, make sure pathways between the truck and the house, as well as inside the house, are clear of debris and obstructions. Lay down non-skid runners.
  • Remove doors where necessary
  • Take Wardrobe boxes off first and put family members to work in their own rooms putting their clothes away!
  • Transport furniture to applicable room and remove plastic wrapping
  • Remove boxes and place in labelled rooms
  • Store away equipment such as blanket pads and straps and discard all wrapping
  • Reassemble furniture once the truck is unloaded
  • Unpack in each room as priority dictates; might I suggest kitchen, bathroom and overnight necessities first?

Happy Moving!

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