How to move a collection

It can be tough to move an entire collection, but when you have a cellar full of prized vintage wine or shelves packed with records you wouldn’t dream of parting with, how will you move yours? Follow these steps to ensure you’ll be ready to relocate your collection.

Get it insured

Consider taking out collectibles insurance if you have a high-value collection. Talk to your insurance company to see if they offer this option.

Creating a list with an inventory of items in your collection is not only good for moving, but will also be useful if you decide to ever get your collection appraised. This may be time-consuming if you have a large number of items, but it will be worth it.

Take photos

It’s a good idea to photograph as much of your collection as possible, for both insurance purposes and for peace of mind. You may not remember that one piece of china already had a chip in it, but ‘before’ photos will help you document ‘mint’ status or any pre-existing imperfections.

Wine Bottle

Pack items carefully

Each collection type will need to be packed differently. You can always search online for best practices from other collectors, but here are some examples:

Record collection: Put each record in a plastic sleeve. Make sure the box is well-labeled; excess heat can also warp records, so it’s important to quickly get your collection to your new home if you’re moving at a warm time of year.

Wine collection: Corked wines should be boxed on their side or upside down to keep corks wet. Don’t pack open bottles. Take into account any special considerations when moving, such as the temperature the wine needs to be when moving.

Vintage toy collection: Individually seal toys in bubble wrap and separate in ziplock bags if necessary. If they are in original packaging, gently stack in a waterproof plastic bin and place bubble wrap in between each item.

Label boxes clearly

It’s crucial to clearly label boxes or bins (‘Fragile’; ‘records’; ‘dolls’; etc.) so that they don’t end up underneath other boxes or moved in a way that might not be conducive to keeping your collection in its best condition.

If you’re really worried about the actual move–such as if your collection is extremely valuable and/or fragile–you can hire a moving company to at least help you pack (and then you can personally ensure it gets from Point A to Point B the way you want it to). You Move Me has helped to pack and move some interesting collections, including comic books (read more here!).

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