How to Combine Decorating Styles for Couples Moving in Together

Moving in with a significant other is a very exciting time. As you’re growing your lives together, you’re taking this next step to create a home that’s a perfect fit for both of you. One of the most exciting things about a new home is getting to organize and decorate. Through that process, you’ll see the ways in which each of your uniqueness can complement the other. You’ll want to make the most of each other’s styles, ideas, likes, and dislikes, for a cohesive and well-curated home. Check out these tips to bring that vision to life. 

Declutter Ahead of Time

The process of moving can be stressful enough on its own, but bringing two homes into one is an added challenge. That’s why it’s so important to be proactive and get ahead of the chaos. Start with the most crucial step of sorting through your own stuff. While living separately, you’ve probably accumulated many things, but it’s possible there won’t be space for all of those things alongside your partner’s. With that, as you set up your new home, you’ll want it to be optimal and organized for the long term, and decluttering is extremely beneficial to prevent you from having too much stuff to care for.

When should you declutter? The answer is as soon as possible. The summertime is approaching faster than you think and that is one of the busiest times of the year when it comes to moving. As we’re transitioning into spring, it’s time to fully embrace spring cleaning mode and declutter before your new chapter of life begins. Remember, the goal is to set yourself up for a lighter, more organized home while making the entire moving process significantly more streamlined. 

There are multiple options with what to do with the items you’re looking to get rid of. If there are enough items that are gently used and are still in good condition, you can put together a garage sale to make some extra cash and anything that doesn’t sell can be donated. The items that are not in proper condition to be used again should simply be thrown away. You might have those pesky items lying around that you just can’t get rid of but you don’t want them wasting space in the house. These are great items to pack away in a storage unit so you can still access them if you happen to need them. Ultimately, the best rule for decluttering as you prepare to move in with a significant other is to keep it fair. Each partner should have to declutter the same amount of items; this comes with the exception of an item you both have but only need to keep one of, then in that case it’s best to choose the one with the highest quality. 

Openly Discuss Your Ideas

While you’re in the preparation stages of bringing your home together, it’s important to discuss what your expectations are for the design and feel of the home. It’s more than likely you and your partner are going to have differing opinions on what you want for the space. This is okay, and all the more reason you need to talk it out ahead of time. Start by communicating and defining your individual styles. How do you want the space to look and feel? Use pictures to give each other a clear idea of what you’re asking for. From there, both of you should express to each other what you like or dislike about each concept. As you’re doing this, you’ll want to look for the common ground that you share and the themes that both of you seem to be repeating. That’s where you’re going to be able to truly compromise and bring both styles together. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, start with the big picture of the space and then slowly narrow it down into smaller details. You can discuss the practical expectations of each room in the house, how it will serve you and your family. This plan for functionality will be helpful in guiding design decisions like layout, furniture, and types of decor. Keeping the line of communication wide open is only going to make the process easier. As you’re sharing, make an effort to find the positive in your partner’s ideas and any criticism should remain constructive. Remember to keep a flexible, open mind, you may come to love something you never thought you would have before. 

Embrace Transitional Design Elements

Transitional Design will be helpful in creating a cohesive home that still represents both you and your partner. At the heart of transitional style, there is flexibility and a seamless combination of ideas. Transitional design in its truest sense is a combination of modern and traditional decor; two very different ideas that are still able to mix fluidly. The best way to incorporate transitional design is to pay attention to the foundation of the space and how the decor will sit on top, in the foreground. You’ll want to consider the materials throughout the home such as the wall color, the flooring, the details in the molding, or certain fixtures and handles. Those will really emphasize the design choices throughout the house.

One example of a transitional design element that will elevate the foundation of the home is wood accents, specifically a shiplap wall. Designing with natural elements like shiplap allows you to incorporate simple, neutral character. Building out a shiplap wall creates a backdrop complementary to a plethora of decor and various styles. Its versatility is unmatched and wood accents are transitional among numerous styles and decor, perfect for creating cohesion throughout. You can use this to make any two styles work for you and your partner.     

Play with Texture and Color

One of the principles of transitional design is to find ways to vary texture and color. This is a concept that can be applied not only to combine multiple ideas but to elevate the home and create a space with dimension and visual intrigue. Adding texture brings depth to the room and its design. Consider how one partner may be interested in a very sleek and modern look, but the other may want something more rustic and detailed. Starting with a bright, white color palette to emphasize those clean modern lines, and introducing different textures and fabrics, such as fur and knit in the pillows, curtains, or accent furniture will help bring about a cozier, more lived-in feel that fulfills that desire for rustic. 

A key idea to remember is that rather than trying to match everything perfectly together, it’s about blending the ideas to create a well-intentioned flow through the space. The color palette of each space will do a lot to blend the elements of the room together. Finding colors that complement the various decor and designs throughout will help to enhance each piece. Better yet, if there is anything in the space that feels out of place, it can be used as a focal point to capture your attention. Choosing colors that complement this piece and allow it to stand out will show your intention and the purposefulness for the element and the room as a whole. 

Balance and Compromise are Key

To make this process worthwhile for you, your partner, and your home, there has to be a balance between the different styles. It’ll be beneficial for your relationship as well as the aesthetic of the home. A willingness to compromise will prevent the rooms from feeling overwhelmingly tight with items. Rather than trying to pack everything in all at once, consider how the negative space can work to your advantage. It’s more peaceful and helps create a visually pleasing appearance.

If you’re finding incorporating each other’s items and ideas to be too difficult, or if you simply have the space available to you, it can be advantageous if each person can have a room in the home all to themselves. This can be anything from turning a spare bedroom into a home office, or the basement into a craft room. It’s about finding an area that will supplement the common ground. Whether or not there is room for these separate spaces, the greater goal in all of this is that each partner feels they are represented equally throughout the home. You’ll want to ensure that your space is a continuation of the uniqueness and individuality of the life you’ve created together. 

With the right planning and organizing, the merging of your two lives can be truly seamless. Your home can become a true and beautiful representation of you and your partner together. All that’s left is to call You Move Me and get started putting together your new space. 

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