How a green lifestyle can make for a great move

There is a misconception that a “green lifestyle” means only eating vegetables and living like a hippie. And while there are great benefits to both of these things, you can also live “green” by simply adopting a few new habits. This will ensure you are more eco-friendly and also be a great help when the time comes for you to relocate to another living space.

What exactly is green living?

It is hard to find one concrete definition for green living, but in general, it refers to a kind of lifestyle that is sustainable, eco-friendly and leaves little to no impact on the environment. This means leaving as small of a footprint on the earth as possible through recycling, conservative use of electricity and water, eating home grow vegetables and fruits, and trying to incorporate eco-friendly principles in areas like fashion, shopping, and entertainment.

General tips to help you live greener

If all of this seems a little confusing, don’t worry. Here are my top tips to help you live a greener life.

One of the best ways to start a greener life is to simply recycle. Recycling lets you diminish your impact on the environment, while increasing your sustainability. You can also start a compost in your backyard (instead of throwing all your food away once it spoils), or you can collect all your aluminum cans for recycling instead of just throwing them in the trash. To help with this, think about buying an aluminum can crusher.

Another thing that will help you lead a greener life is to decrease the amount of resources you use. Simply exchanging regular bulbs for more efficient LEDs, and turning off the tap when you are not directly using water are huge steps towards a greener life.

Lastly, you can also eat more vegetables that are either home grown or purchased from local farmers. That way, not only are you eating better and healthier food, but also supporting fair trade and local green businesses.

How can a green lifestyle will help when moving?

Since one of the pillars of green living is recycling, by simply engaging in this activity, you will cut down on the amount of possessions you have (and therefore move!) The less stuff you have, the easier and quicker your move will be.

Even better? When you less stuff means, you save on resources like fuel for the moving van and lower your greenhouse gas emissions.

Secondly, green lifestyles also mean greener material used to pack your stuff. Think about reusing your old shoe and wine boxes to pack things. Definitely don’t use plastic trash bags to pack your things. Plastic can easily break under heavy loads, and takes much longer to biodegrade than cardboard.

Finally, recycle as many materials as possible that were used in the move. Further, donate items that you realized you don’t need after having relocated to your new house. You can either give them a new life by upcycling them or by dropping them off at their respective recycling plants so that they are taken care of properly.

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