Home improvement tips to consider before the big move

Selling your home in preparation to move is an exciting, stressful, busy and complicated process — and it wouldn’t be a surprise if you’re feeling a little overwhelmed in the midst of it all. Between staging, packing, and looking for a new place, making sure your current home is in working order may not seem like a big priority. Here’s the thing though — to streamline the selling process and encourage a smooth and easy closing, it’s important to take care of problems before they potentially get worse. Your buyer is likely to order a home inspection, which means you could be forced to address issues anyway, so why not tackle them ahead of time? What’s more, when you can offer your potential buyer an assurance of quality, you may be able to command a higher selling price.

With that in mind, before you move, here are some of the most important home improvement projects to consider:

Start with the Outside

The outside of your home is the first part a potential buyer sees, so in terms of simply getting someone to be interested enough to look inside, you need strong curb appeal. Evaluate your roof, siding, exterior doors and windows. Is there damage that needs to be repaired? What shows lack of attention? Some of the most typical issues that come up outside are repairing shingles or replacing the roof, fixing window leaks or replacing windows, finding the cause of basement leaks, replacing door headers and/or correcting foundational problems, says Iris Price at Improvement Center. Take the time now to correct outdoor issues, and you’ll make your property more valuable to potential buyers.

Check All Your Systems

From electrical issues to broken heating systems, problems with the systems of your home are likely to be obvious to an inspector. That’s why investing in a few maintenance services now is worthwhile — it could be all it takes to get your home ready to sell. For example, contact a local plumber to perform an energy-and water-saving checkup to identify leaks and other issues. Hire a local heating expert to check your heating and air-conditioning systems. Not only will these inspections help you identify problems right off the bat, but they’ll become an extra selling point to potential buyers who find out you’ve done your due diligence to keep things working well.

Paint the Living Areas

A fresh coat of paint transforms a room into a newer, fresher space, ready for someone to move into — without breaking the bank for the seller. For the best results, “choose a low-VOC paint if possible to avoid long-term off-gassing,” suggests Anne Reagan at Porch.com. “Even with a low-VOC paint, you’ll want to make sure your home has been well-ventilated before sleeping in the home.”

According to HGTV and Remodeling Magazine, you’re more likely to recoup your investment in basic home maintenance than you are in major remodeling projects. So if you’re looking to sell soon and don’t have time to completely overhaul your property, take heart — paying attention to these simple projects is what buyers want most. Nobody wants to buy a home only to find out later that the roof is leaking — so find a way to offer a home that’s ready to live in, and buyers will flock to your doors.

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