Free Moving Box Delivery Service Comes to Portland

One of the best parts about hiring professional movers is all of the extra services we provide to our customers. In fact, it’s all of the little “extras” that set us apart from other movers in Portland and area.

One of our services that we’re really proud of is our free box delivery service. When you buy moving boxes or other packing supplies through You Move Me, we will deliver them to you for free!

At You Move Me Portland, we just got our moving box delivery vehicle – so you might see it whizzing around town, getting our high-quality moving boxes to wherever they need to be (such as your home or office) to make your packing job as easy and as stress free as possible.

You can learn more about the types of boxes used in a move in our Boxes section. There is also a handy box calculator to help you decide how many boxes you will need based upon the size of your home. 

At the time of delivery, we’ll explain the proper use for each box and can provide some pointers on how to best pack the items if you are not also using our packing service.

You only pay for the boxes you use

In addition to the ease of getting the boxes and the expert advice on how to pack them properly, by using the You Move Me box service you know that you will only be charged for the boxes you use.

There is nothing worse than trying to be wisely conservative when buying supplies for a move or a home renovation project then finding out you need more paint, lumber, or – in the case of moving – boxes.

We eliminate that problem. You are able to return any boxes you don’t use and you’ll get your money back, so feel free to play it safe and get more boxes than you need, knowing that on the day of your move you can return whatever you haven’t used.

You can schedule an appointment for box delivery by calling us at 800.926.3900 or when speaking with local You Move Me staff before you move.

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