Five Things That Matter During Your Move

Moving is a significant life event which can often cause undue stress and anxiety to those involved. Concerns surrounding a move are not just limited to the A to B transport of your life, but encompass the mental fatigue of preparing, planning and executing a move. Although many have successfully pulled off DIY moves, making the decision to hire movers relieves some of the pressure on your big day, while ensuring your move is as risk free as possible. When deciding on a company, it is important to make sure that your movers reflect and address the values and concerns you have to properly ensure your needs are being met. You Move Me has continually maintained their core promises to meet customers moving needs on not only a professional, but a personal level as well. This article details what we find is most important on your moving day.

Arriving on time

Preparing for moving day is almost like writing a final paper for school. There can be a lot of planning and organizing in the weeks or days before, but no matter what, there are always some last minute things to be done late the night before your move. This can lead to lack of sleep which may increase tension the next morning. In order to alleviate those stresses, having movers that arrive when promised begins the day with a sense assurance for your mover’s process. In addition to getting things started efficiently, having the team arrive on time shows you that these movers really care about the job and your move. You Move Me provides a promised time frame in which they are guaranteed to arrive and will make sure you are notified when the team of movers are on their way. By communicating and updating you on moving day, our Crew Leaders seeks to provide a stress free start to what will be an exciting day!

Up-front pricing

Pricing in the moving industry is notoriously unpredictable. Despite efforts to provide quotes and estimates, many companies struggle to meet their promised price. Where You Move Me differs from other companies is our dedication to keeping our process transparent. Upon booking, either using our online system, or through our call centre, you will be provided with an estimate based on the information you provide. Next, you will receive a call from our team to confirm your details, as well as an offer to deliver supplies to make your move easier and more efficient. On the day of your move our Crew Leader will conduct a walkthrough with you to once again confirm the contents of your move, while working with you to identify any items you would like us to pay extra care and attention to. If at this point anything has changed that may affect our original estimate, we will discuss those details with you to agree on a plan of action that works best for you and your budget. By maintaining communication with you throughout our process, we can ensure there will be no surprises come moving day!

Friendly, uniformed movers

When sourcing movers, you might not think appearance is an important feature. If they are effective at moving, what should it matter what they look like? Well, You Move Me takes this aspect of our service very seriously, because attention to detail is an integral part of what we do. Having movers that appear put together, tidy and fresh instills an expectation that our movers carry over this ethic to providing detailed care for your belongings. In addition to presenting ourselves in a clean, professional manner, You Move Me’s greatest goal is to make you feel as though it’s not strangers moving your things, but friends. By providing a friendly, approachable and enjoyable demeanor, our team makes you feel comfortable and feeling positive about your move. With You Move Me, we try to make the experience so smooth, it’s like having your friends there to move you!

Protection to your items

The number one concern most people have when hiring movers is the potential risk of damage to their belongings. Having to worry about whether or not your things will be handled carefully is a stress that nobody should have to shoulder on their moving day. In addition to packing and cleaning your space, as well as maybe organizing your family on the day of the move, feeling concern that something may be damaged only compounds the anxiety you might be feeling. You Move Me has developed a tested method for moving your belongings that effectively minimizes the risk of any injury to your things and your household. By taking the time and care to pad, wrap and navigate your items through your home, you can feel confident that your belongings are in safe hands. Once your household items are packed efficiently and strategically on our truck, we take the extra second to make sure everything is secure and protected to reach its destination safely. This same process and attention is utilized at your new destination, where our movers will communicate with you on where your items should go. It is of the utmost importance to us to ensure you that your move will be risk free, to the point where we would love for you to sit back, relax and allow the process to work for you!

Exceptional Customer Service

In addition to all the abovementioned points, what makes a move truly extraordinary is your mover’s dedication to providing above and beyond customer service. It is one thing to hire someone to move your things, but what You Move Me offers is someone who works hard and makes a connection that moves you. What sets our movers apart is their genuine interest in helping you not only have a successful move, but an enjoyable one. Their goal is to make you feel as though your longtime friend has come to help you move by delivering a fun, friendly and approachable attitude that makes moving a great experience. Our movers want to know if you have concerns so they can address them in order to make your day the best it can be. You Move Me hires strong, capable movers, but our true priority is hiring the right people who possess a kind and caring personality. We want your move to be memorable for the right reasons and we are confident our crew will provide a positively fantastic experience!

If You Move Me sounds like the kind of movers you’d like for your next move, please feel free to access our free estimate system, or call us to learn more!

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