What to expect when you first move to Allentown

Allentown immediately embraces visitors and new residents with its quaint aesthetic and its easy going vibe. However, it’s also a growing and thriving community where residents can enjoy superior healthcare, affordable homes and a great quality of life. 

What do we love most about Allentown? We’ve put together a list of a few things we’ve found the most welcoming. 

Natural beauty surrounds you

Fall foliage color changes may happen every year, but that doesn’t make them any less spectacular when they do occur. 

In Allentown, you’ll have a front row seat to nature’s fashion show, as she dons deep reds and vibrant oranges to herald the coming of autumn. Fall doesn’t have a monopoly on beauty in this area, though. You can reassure yourself of that by taking a stroll along the Little Lehigh Creek and soaking in the delight of any season. 

And, looking for an unexpected afternoon of interesting outdoor exploration? Try the Allentown Fish Hatchery, where you can explore the tranquil outdoor setting and get a peek at the many different kinds of fish onsite too. 

Freshness is fundamental

Farmers markets are one of the best ways to get to know the flavor of the Allentown community – in more ways than one. Sample the wares of local vendors; buy produce to prepare in your new home; and get to know the people who make up the community around you. 

Many of the surrounding communities host weekly farmers markets, but we’re partial to our own gathering of local farmers and growers – the Allentown Farmers Market – where you can buy everything from poultry and produce to bagels and other baked goods. 

History is alive

One of the loveliest things about living in the northeast part of the US, and in Allentown in particular, is the fact that you’re surrounded by places that hearken back to yesteryear. 

One look at the many beautiful covered bridges in the area and you’ll be taken back in time to a world of charm and one in which things were built to last. You can even take a tour to explore and hear the stories of these iconic structures. 

If you make a visit to the Liberty Bell Museum, housed in the church where the bell was hidden during the Revolutionary War, you’ll be able to feel like you’re a part of history. And, you’ll actually be able to hear freedom ring, as visitors are allowed to ring the bell replica that’s onsite. 

You can embrace the outdoors  

We mentioned natural beauty earlier, but we’re also in love with the vast number of fun outdoor activities available in Allentown and the surrounding areas. Depending on your top areas of interest and expertise, you can find something to keep you busy and active in and around Allentown, including: 

  • Rafting – Indulge your thirst for adventure with a trip down the Pocono River. North of Allentown, you can connect with adventure companies and plan an unforgettable excursion. 
  • Hiking – If you don’t mind heading a bit out of town, you’ll see breathtaking views and scenery from the 9-mile Pinnacle Trail Loop. 
  • Minor league baseball – Take your family out to the ballgame and watch the Lehigh Valley IronPigs swing for the fences. Plus, you just might have the opportunity to cheer on future local legends, as the Iron Pigs are affiliated with the Phillies. 
  • Golf – Allentown is home to multiple golf courses, including both public and private options. Tee up and enjoy an afternoon on the greens; you might even connect with some new friends or business colleagues there. 

You’re getting more than a city – You’re getting a community 

Allentown is a thriving standalone city, and it’s also part of the greater Lehigh Valley. The surrounding small towns and hamlets are easy to access – just a short drive away – and make Allentown punch above its weight when it comes to fun and enjoyable things to do. 

For example, in tandem with the surrounding communities, Allentown residents can enjoy a multi-stop Lehigh Valley Wine Trail where they can taste the fruits of the vine at eight different vineyards and wineries. 

When you’re moving to Allentown, you may wonder what to expect. We think you can expect friendly neighbors, outdoor exploration and a sense of community that can’t be duplicated. 

If you need help with your move, let us get you set up in your new Allentown home. We’ll be glad to provide some of the first smiling faces you’ll meet as you become acquainted with your new community. 

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