Checklist: prepping your new home for your pet

All ready to get into your new home? Great! However, when you have a pet moving with you, there are a few additional factors to consider. We have a checklist of these things to help make the adjustment for your dog or cat a little bit easier:

  • Make sure there are no hazards, such as poisonous materials or dangerous objects, in the new home.
  • Note the closest emergency veterinary clinic to your new home.
  • Examine and play with your pet once you arrive with them to the new location so that they know everything is okay.
  • Use familiar items like toys and water bowls to help your pet adjust to the sights and sounds.
  • Update your pet’s ID tag collar with your new home’s information just in case.
  • If your pet is a dog, take him or her out for a walk around the neighborhood to allow familiarization with the new area. Neighbors will also be able to recognize your pet for future situations, if needed.

The moving process is a complicated one when you have to consider all the additional factors on top of the actual moving. We’d love to make it easier by offering our packing and moving services. This way, you get ready to enjoy your new home without all the stress solely on you.

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