The Investment

Invest in your success

We know you have many options to start a business — so how do you decide to go it alone or join a franchise? On your own, you have to put yourself on the line with no support or help for success. With a franchise, you’re backed by proven systems and a trusted brand. It’s the smartest risk to start a business.

But every franchise opportunity requires a different investment. A typical restaurant or retail franchise can cost anywhere from $150K to over $1M!

At You Move Me, we’ve made it more affordable than ever to start a franchise. We believe everyone has the right to be considered for a franchise opportunity.This is our way of making that dream a reality.

Type of Expenditure Low High
Investment Range$30,000$40,000
Initial marketing expense$15,000$25,000
Computer hardware and software$1,500$3,000
Miscellaneous Opening Costs$5,000$10,000
Vehicles and graphics$0$25,000
Real estate / rent$1,000$3,000
Training expenses$3,500$5,000
Type of Expenditure Low High
Office equipment and supplies$1,000$1,000
Licenses and permits$1,000$3,000
Professional fees$2,000$5,000
Additional funds$15,000$45,000
Total $78,500 $169,500
This is not an offer of a franchise. An offer can only be made through a Franchise Disclosure Document, as it may be registered in certain states.