Storage container loading and unloading in Portland

Sometimes there is a gap between the sale of your home and your move-in date at your new place, and a storage container can be a useful alternative to renting a storage unit.

Storage containers can save you the hassle of having to load your items into a moving truck and having to “move” into a storage unit just to have to reload the truck sometime later when you’re ready to move in to your new home. You will load your items into your storage container once. Then, when you’re ready, the storage container will be delivered at your new location where you unload it.

Storage containers can often come in handy for people who are moving to Portland from out of town. Your items will arrive in a container at your location in Portland and a moving company, like You Move Me, will be there to assist you with unloading it. On the other hand if you are moving long distance from Portland, we here at You Move Me Portland can help you load your storage container. You Move Me has franchises in most major areas, and more often than not, we’ll have a team where you’re moving to who can help you unload your storage container at your destination.

When loading a storage container, it’s key to make sure it’s packed and loaded correctly so that your items remain safe and arrive at your destination in perfect condition. You must make sure the weight is distributed evenly, that it is packed completely full with no gaps between items, and that there are absolutely no liquids packed. This may sound tricky, be rest assured our movers are trained and experienced in how to both load and unload a storage container.

You Move Me Portland can help take care of all of your storage container loading and unloading needs. Call us today!

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