How to Save Money on Your Move in Madison

You Move Me Madison has done hundreds of moves in Dane County, and our customers often ask us how they can reduce the cost of their move. Here are our top 10 tips to save money on your move:

  1. Be prepared on moving day – Don’t wait until the last minute to start packing. Like other local movers we charge by time, so if you haven’t started packing when we arrive it will definitely be a long day and an expensive move.
  2. Pack TVs yourself – We take responsibility for anything that we pack, so it takes some time to professionally pack a TV.
  3. Take all the wall hangings, mirrors and artwork off the wall and pack it yourself – Most homes have at least one wall hanging per room, and each of these needs to be packed with care. Packing these items yourself can take hundreds of dollars off your move.
  4. Take apart your beds – For many people, taking apart a bed is an easy job that doesn’t require a professional mover.
  5. Box and pack small items yourself – Most homeowners don’t realize how many knickknacks they have until they start packing them into boxes. Taking care of the small stuff can save you a lot of money.
  6. Pack lamps yourself – Unscrew the lampshade from the lamp and nest several shades together in a box.
  7. Once everything is in boxes, move it all to the garage – If you are willing to do some lifting, staging all of the boxes in the garage so that the movers can pack them directly into the truck can potentially be a huge time saver.
  8. Reserve a key to the apartment elevator – Apartment dwellers often forget to think through the logistics of their move. How will the movers carry all my stuff out of my apartment? Which elevator will they use? Ask your landlord for a key to the elevator so the movers—who are ‘on the clock’—aren’t stuck waiting for the elevator all day. Having an elevator reserved for them is crucial if your goal is to save money.
  9. Plan the most efficient parking spot for the moving truck – Logistics are key on moving day! In order to save time (and since time=money), plan to park the moving truck as close to the exit of your home as possible. If the movers have to walk everything from your house out to the street because your roommate forgot to move the car in the driveway, it could potentially double the cost of your move!
  10. Be nice to your movers! – This should go without saying, but try to be pleasant to your movers. This will encourage them to work as quickly as possible and ensure that you have a wonderful and low-cost move!

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