5 Locks To Keep Your Valuables Safe During Your Move

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When you are moving there are a lot of security concerns to deal with. While in the transportation process, it’s easy enough to lose your possessions, there is also the concern of theft. When you are moving, many onlookers are getting a good sense of what you own. This puts movers in at great risk of burglary. The number of locations that the theft can take place also requires movers to protect a variety of doors and entrances. Each entry will need different considerations in order to achieve the highest level of security.

1. For Your Moving Van: Best 21B Padlock

The moving van is not going to be a permanent part of your life, but while it is there, it’s best to secure it. The 21B series of Best Access Systems padlocks is a good option for this purpose. It is accessible and provides strong security for an affordable price. The lock will stand up to most forced entry attacks. This lock already has a good level of security, but can be upgraded with a shroud or a new core.

The 21B model is the only Best Padlock that the factory offers the shackle shrouds option for. This additional feature will simply add metal shielding to the shackle of the padlock so that it is more difficult to cut. The replaceable core can be used to fix the lock if the internals are ever damaged, or simply upgrade the picking resistance of the device. If you intend to keep valuables in the van for an extended amount of time, such as overnight, consider using one of the other padlocks listed below.

2. For Your New Gate: Abus Granit

Sometimes, there is not enough time to unpack everything and put it where it is going to go. This can lead to boxes and property being left outside of the home. If you have chosen to do this, ensure your items are left behind a gate and are minimally visible. The Abus Granit is a good option for your gate. It is unbelievably sturdy, and can even stay secure under 6 tons of tensile pressure. Picking the Abus Granit is extremely difficult, as it uses disk detainers instead of pin tumblers, which are used in standard locks.

The Abus Granit is referred to as the insurance lock because it offers standard protection required by some European countries to insure the property is secure. It is meant to stand up to wear and tear, and it is an effective lock to keep outside of the home. This type of protection on your gate will prevent any item, which cannot be lifted over a gate, from potentially being stolen.

3. For Your Storage Unit: Abloy PL362

storage unit

Storage units should be protected. They are often visited infrequently by the owner and used to store high valued items at times. The Abloy PL362 is one big lock, and is made of high strength metal and carefully designed internal components. It offers an impressive amount of security. The Abloy is more expensive than other padlocks, but this is justified by the value of what is inside the storage unit. Because you are unable to do much in the way of layering your security around this outpost, you need one solid bit of security.

The very nature of a padlock is that it is removable. This means that the lock can be taken with you once you move on. The Abloy PL362 can then be used in another part of your security plan.

4. For Your New Outdoor Structure: Mul-T-Lock #13 C Series

Whether you have a garage, shed, or storm cellar, it’s best to ensure the items inside are secure. It is important that you use a different style of lock than other parts of your home. Diversification of the types of locks you use increases the security of the home. The Mul-T-Lock #13 offers that diversity. The construction of the lock is solid but different enough to stump an unwanted intruder that may know a way to overcome other aspects of your security plan.

The Mul-T-Lock uses a disk detainer core similar to the Abus Granit, but it also has sliders and an alpha spring. These additions make any type of lock bumping or picking very difficult. It also possesses a higher level of difficulty than what would be required to open the average high-security disk detainer style lock. There is also an anti-drill shield on the keyway to the lock, and a very strong metal shroud to protect the hardened steel shackle.

5. For Your New Front Door: EVVA MCS

front door

In terms of the locks that you want on the front door of your new home, you want to ensure safety before anything else. The EVVA MCS is as good as locks get. It is one of the few locks on the market that has never been successfully picked. For 20 years, the greatest minds in the security industry have been trying to improve on the design, and there has been nothing that could be added because no flaws could be found.

When you put this lock on a door, it sends a statement to thieves that you take security seriously. It is almost sure to send an amateur running in the other direction. To date, it can be argued that this is the best lock available on the market. Keep in mind that the EVVA MCS is more expensive than most locks . For security purposes, you will get what you pay for, and this type of investment is sure to protect your home and the valuables you have in it.

The locks above will certainly help to keep your valuables safe while you are moving, but they will also protect you for years to come. These investments will help put you on the path to a safer lifestyle. The beauty of the padlocks on this list is that they can be moved with you wherever you go.

Ralph Goodman is a residential locksmith and an expert writer on all things locks and security over at the Lock Blog. The Lock Blog is a great resource to learn about keys, locks and safety. They offer tips, advice and how-to’s for consumers, locksmiths, and security professionals.

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