3 Simple Tips for Packing Gifts to Mail

1. Wrap breakables in bubble wrap and opt for ‘nested boxes’

Wrapping packing paper around breakables leaves too much air space between the item and the box, allowing movement to happen during delivery. The proper way to wrap and ship valuables is:

  • Snugly wrap the item in bubble wrap and secure it with tape.
  • Set the item in a box slightly bigger than the item.
  • Ball up packing paper and fill the space around the breakable.
  • Place this box inside a slightly larger shipping box, then pack paper around the outside of the small box.

2. Tape all box edges to prevent water damage

When mailing clothing, fabric or paper items, the last thing you want is for moisture to get in – and that’s a definite possibility if the postal service or courier leaves the package on the stoop!

To keep rain, snow and dew out of the shipping box, make sure it’s taped properly: go down the middle, and then down the edges to seal the box. This way, moisture can’t seep inside.

3. Individually wrap cookies or treats

Whether you’re mailing someone cookies, home-baked goodies or some local treats, ensure they get to the recipient safely by:

  • Individually wrapping each item with plastic wrap to create cushioning and keep it fresh.
  • Carefully place cookies or treats in a plastic container like Tupperware.
  • Place the container inside a box, filling the empty space with balled up packing paper.
  • Seal the box carefully.

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